If you have paid attention at all to the recent trends in fitness world, you have probably caught and experience wind of the emphasis on the importance of constantly varying your workout routine. You may even have noticed a lot of coaches or trainers focusing more on shorter duration, high intensity programs over the more traditional long, drawn-out lessons and sessions on weight machines, accompanied by 30 minutes or more on a stair climber or similar piece of cardio equipment. If you have really been paying attention, you may have even heard of this thing called Crossfit, and are wondering what all the fuss is about. Click here to know more. 

Put in its most concise terms, its is a series of constantly and varied, highly functional exercises, covering full range of motions, done at moderate-to high intensity.Something aerobic (jumping onto a box or over an object, rowing, work with a medicine ball, running, etc), and maybe something gymnastics-oriented, like push-ups, pull-ups, or dips. There is typically no rest between exercises, and everything is measured - either the total workout time, or the number of repetitions, so you can monitor your progress. The typical workout time is fifteen to twenty minutes, which does not sound like much, but believe me, the first time you try it, you will be amazed how complete a workout you can squeeze into this amount of time. know more

If this one sounds intimidating, there is another key element of crossfit that alleviates fear . All of its workouts are designed for everyone to use exactly the same basic technique, but, by adjusting the weight, or by incorporating some specific assistance strategies. Learn more

With Crossfit, the exercises mimic the natural body movement associated with picking objects off the ground, standing up from a squatting position, lifting objects overhead, running, jumping, pulling yourself up etc. You does not only feel and look awesome, but you achieve a level of usable, functional strength and endurance simply not possible with the standard big box gym approach, no matter how many isolation curls you do, or hours on the stair climber you log. Visit site