Fence Removal Ideas

The reasons may be rotting and warping of wood, or the weather that also plays an important role in destroying wood. Removing a wood fence is not a complex task but requires plenty of labor. Therefore be prepared for some hard word!


How to Remove Fencing


➢ Make sure you are removing your own fence- Be sure that the typically of wood is yours to remove. If your property is very old and your neighbors were already living there when you shifted to your property, it may or may not your fence. If you are sure that it is your fence, again mark your property lines and make sure that you are not breaking down fence in your neighbor's yard. Wood Fencing


➢ Contact your local utility companies- If any lines are installed near your fence.


➢ Safety first- Since removing the fencing involves electric saws and lifting heavy pieces of wood, therefore always take caution. If you want to use the wood for other projects, then remove your fence with a saw and do not pull out the nails. Don't forget to pick up all the nails from your yard as this can be dangerous for anyone who will step on them. Privacy Fences


➢ Do you want to remove entire fence? - Again think of your decision. Do you want to remove the entire fencing or just the panels? If your posts are stable and not moving while you are trying to move them, then this means that they are in good condition. However, if they are moving when you try to make them move, it is a sign that they are damaged by termites or rotting.


Instructions for Removing Fence Panels


➢ Remove face panels one at a time with the help of your hammer. To remove the nails, pull the wood away from the frame and use the claw end of your hammer. Stack the panels and set them aside.


➢ Now remove the horizontal pieces of wood from the fence posts with the help of hammer. To remove the nails, pull the wood away from fence posts and use the claw end of your hammer. Stack the pieces and set them aside. Vinyl Fences


Removing Fence Posts- Removing your fence will become very difficult if you have concrete footings. There are many techniques you can use to remove the concrete footings. Use this way to remove:


➢ Begin digging your earth from the bottom of the fencing post using you shovel.


➢ Only about a foot above ground level, dig heavy nails into each side of the fence post.


➢ Exert your strength to loosen the fence post. Iron Fences


➢ Keep working until the fence post loosens and then lift out of the ground. Fence Company