Types home fences

The kind of fence you choose will pay a fundamental role in your home and also offer great benefits such as security and privacy. Privacy and security are most common reasons why people buy homes. A professionally designed fence gives every homeowner a true sense that we all desire. Fencing whether by wood, wrought iron or chain link will significantly affect your sense of home. Fence Services

Fence types 

Aluminum Fencing

This is one of the most attractive and basic fencing types. It is maintenance free though it does not provide the amount of security that most homeowners search for in a fence. The only maintenance will come during installation and who chose to decorate and paint. However, it is not recommendable for areas with severe weather since it’s not as strong as you may think 

Wood Fencing 

This is the most popular kind of fence in most parts of the world. It gives homeowners a sense of privacy with height and is more attractive as compared to other fences. They give owners a welcoming feeling and without the headache of breaking the bank. 

The cost of the fence depends on the height and size that the owner desires. The more lumber you require, the more expensive the project becomes. Therefore, a large fence will be more expensive as compared to a smaller one. Wood Fences


PVC Fencing

The cheapest way to fence your home is by using PVC materials. These fences replace the wooden stakes and pickets, though not study, they can certainly serve the purpose. The posts are made of PVC and mostly placed on top of wooden posts to add stability. They cut on material cost since less wood is used. Wood Fences

Sometimes, the PVC stakes are attached with an adhesive to the cross bars, and other times they are fastened with screws. PVC fence comes in a variety of different colors and heights. The fences can last for a relative longer period as compared to the wooden fences. 

While privacy and security are certainly the top functions of all home fences, creativity and design should never take a back sit. With fence choices, no home requires to sacrifice need for security. Privacy Fences